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Mobile friendly website design from Web Design by Ken.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Your website visitors should be doing the least amount of work to understand exactly what you do. A large percentage of people between the ages of 18-34 spend all of their online time on a mobile device. Today’s businesses must not only have a professional, user-friendly website, but also one that functions well across a large range of mobile devices.

Simplicity in website design.

Simplicity in Website Design

A simple website design is much easier to scan and therefore will improve first impressions. A simple web design is quicker to build and easier to maintain. Creating simple designs takes a clear vision and skill. Keeping business web design simple does not mean the site should not be pleasing to the eye. Simplicity in website design focuses on the removal of all unnecessary elements in the design, content, and code that does not support the main goal of the website.

Web Design by Ken offers quality content in website design.

Quality Website Content

Quality website content is original, relevant, and current content that answers questions and solves problems. Search engines are constantly making efforts to enhance search results. By creating unique thoughts and providing content that is not offered elsewhere on the internet, businesses can provide more quality and informative content that will be beneficial to website visitors.

Web Design by Ken offers social media integration.

Social Media Integration

Social networking is very powerful in growing your website audience and allowing you to collaborate online. There are many options to choose from when it comes to adding social links or plugins to your business website. If done correctly the integration of social media across your business website can increase the likelihood others will follow in the footsteps of current customers from actions they see published on social media sites.

Business website design required proper Search Engine Optimization.


Search Engine

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically quality control for your website. Websites must provide content people and search engines need and want to share. SEO includes many different elements including content, title tags, alt tags, descriptions, and keywords. The majority of website traffic comes from search engines. If web design doesn’t give search engines what they want, the website will get very little or no traffic.

Business web design must be focused on the customers point of view.


Web design must focus on the wants and needs of current and potential customers. For a business website to be user-friendly it must first be available and accessible. Effective web design must include clear and simple navigation to guide website visitors around the website. Business web design must include content that answers questions and clearly shows how your products or services can best solve their problems.

Clarksville, TN website design that’s brand tailored

Clarksville business website design that isn’t branded in an attractive way or if its user experience is confusing makes for a bad first impression of you and your business. You must present professional web design that stands out from the crowd and ensures visitors that you are the real deal.

Clarksville website design that’s customer and search engine friendly

TN business websites with built in SEO.

TN Web Design With Added SEO Techniques

Your Clarksville web design must focus on the needs of your audience and major search engines. Search engines must be able to totally understand what your website is about and customers must be able to find what they are looking for very quickly.

Web design in Clarksville, TN that’s mobile accessible

Your business website will probably have more mobile visitors than desktop or laptop visitors. Your business web design must be able to adapt to whatever screen size your visitor is using. Without mobile accessible web design you will surely loose business and customers.


Web Design by Ken designs mobile friendly business websites.


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