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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be an awkward topic for web design beginners. To better understand just what SEO is, think of it as “quality control” for web design and development.

SEO isn’t something you do after your business website is launched. It needs to be built into the web design and development process.

Making your business website look pretty is one thing, but making it possible for search engines and customers to be able to find it is another. Building an SEO-friendly site requires careful planning and a structured approach to representing your business and the services you provide.

A few SEO articles on my blog that may interest you:

Effective web copy is an important part of website SEO.

Writing Effective
Web Copy

Writing effective web copy
can be difficult and even
frustrating at times. As
you stare at the cursor
on a blank screen,
you may be trying
to figure out just
what type of content
will catch readers’ attention . . .

Website development must focus on a mobile friendly design.

Mobile Friendly Web
Design is Important

In the next couple of
years, the majority of
local searches will be
made on mobile devices.
Mobile optimization has
been important to
major search engines
like Google for
a long time, . . .

Avoid web design mistakes and improve SEO.

Web Design Mistakes Small
Business Should Avoid

The important thing to
remember is that every
element of your web
design takes time to
load in a visitor’s
browser. The more
plugins you add,
the slower the load
time for your site.


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