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According to a recent article in Home Business Magazine, 82% of consumer generated traffic will be comprised of videos by the year 2020.



The online landscape is evolving and the way people consume content is drastically changing. People don’t want to get lost in endless lines of text. They want to find a demo video that gives them the information they want in two or three minutes.


When a visitor arrives at your business website, their brain tends to be drawn to the web content that takes the least amount of effort to comprehend – the path of least resistance. It’s just human to be drawn to a video. Where did you go first when you arrived at this page?

Types of Videos to Boost Interest in Your Business Website:

Welcome Video

The primary function of a welcome video is to set the tone of your business and encourage visitors to stay and take whatever action is desired of them.

Frequently Asked Questions Video

A FAQ-style video can introduce members of your organization and help visitors learn more about your business, products and services on their own time. An FAQ video can also help build credibility for your business.

How-To Videos

If your business involves complex products or services, an exlplainer or How-To video sure does come in handy for educating your current and potential customers.

Testimonial Video

Your best leads will come from referrals by your existing satisfied customers. A testimonial video will let your visitors hear what other customers have to say about your products or services and how they performed relative to their standards.

If you are just a little curious about how videos can help your business get found online and improve sales, we need to talk.

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