Are your business website expectations unrealistic?

Realistic expectations for business web design.

Business website is only part of online marketing strategy.

Many small business owners procrastinate about starting the development of a business website, but once the site is up and running, they seem to want instant results. The most important thing to understand about online marketing is that there is no such thing as a quick Return-On-Investment (ROI). Here are some things to consider when developing website expectations.

In website development there is no second chance for a first impression

First impressions are a big deal. The first few seconds of website interaction go a long way in influencing the opinions and decisions of potential customers. Your visitors must be able to answer the following questions within the first five seconds of landing on your website:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • How are you relevant to them?

If your visitors can’t immediately answer these questions, your design, layout and web copy probably need some work.

Website marketing requires building search engine trust

How long does it take for you to really trust someone? Search engines use trust factors to actually apply a value of how trustful a site really is. Websites with unique content that are updated regularly are considered more trustworthy. The more trustful a site is the more likely its articles will be ranked higher in the search.

Your website needs to be a part of your overall web marketing strategy

A business website is a commonly overlooked online marketing tool, but it is incorrect to assume that once you buy a domain name and publish a website, customers will start coming to your website in flocks and start showering you with money.

A lot of things need to be done initially or on a regular basis to make your business website a success.

  • You must figure out how you can be different or more important.
  • You must obtain customers through offline salesmanship.
  • Direct initial customers to your website and help them place the order.
  • Build a permission based mailing list.
  • Send personal emails to lots of people.
  • Keep improving your website for clarity, simplicity, and usability.
  • Keep your website up-to-date and relevant.
  • Ask satisfied customers for referrals.
  • Ask friends on social media to help promote you.
  • Advertise your website with brochures, business cards, etc.

Blog writing course on Udemy by Ken Bradford.

For most small businesses, marketing is one of the hardest business functions to “get right”. It seems that everything you do costs time and money, and nothing is a guaranteed success. Use your website to provide valuable information and tips related to your business to increase repeat visits to your site. At the same time they will be learning about your company and services that you offer. In today’s online world many business and personal interactions can be anonymous, but many customers still want very personalized experiences.

When used and promoted properly, a website is a top sales tool that offers a direct route to information on a company’s products and services to an intended target market. Your online marketing team needs to have the right people, in the right positions, with the right skills to get anything done.

When you know what is possible you might find yourself exceeding your expectations for your business website. If you are considering a new website or a website re-design project, just get in touch and I will show you the right tools for the job and teach you how to use them.

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