Brand Identity Design Is More Than a Logo

Brand identity is the perceived image of a business.

Brand identity design must be clear and consistent

As a small business owner, competing for the same customers as all other small businesses, your brand’s identity and appearance is as important as the products or services you offer. A brand is the essence of the business and is the promise of the quality of products or services that will be delivered. Many people refer to a brand as a logo, but it is much bigger than that.

Understanding the relationship between a brand, an identity, and a logo

A “brand” or “branding” is the perceived image of a business in the minds of customers that allows them to make the decision to choose one product or service over another. Brands are normally developed over time through advertisements, word of mouth recommendations, and real-life experiences by consumers.

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A company’s “identity” is every visual component necessary to form a cohesive and consistent business image. Visual devices used to leverage brand elements can include packaging, letterhead, business cards, and all other marketing collateral. Today, most people don’t even know where to find their copy of the Yellow Pages, so they go online to find businesses. In order to compete in the marketplace, every small business must have an effective business website. Web sites serve as a very useful form of inexpensive advertising.

A “logo” is a simple, recognizable and memorable graphic design that helps customers discover, share and remember a company’s brand. People recognize and relate to images faster than text. A badly thought up logo can harm your business, but a carefully designed logo will communicate the worth of your business or product.

Brand identity design must make an emotional connection with customer touchpoints

Creating a unique brand identity for your business can be a challenge, but with some professional advice it can bring big dividends in your brand’s value. The elements of your brand design strategy must focus on every customer touchpoint.

According to an article at Survey Monkey, customer touchpoints are your brand’s points of customer contact, from start to finish. The article further illustrated touchpoints with the following table:

Before Purchase
Social media
Ratings & reviews
Word of mouth

During Purchase
Store or office
Phone system
Point of sale

After Purchase
Marketing emails
Service & support teams
Online help center
Follow ups
Thank you cards

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The above table is just a good place to start and is not an all inclusive list of consumer touchpoints. Each of these touchpoints can have a lot of underlying parts. Touchpoints for a physical brick and mortar store can include signage, the parking lot, and every item of marketing material inside the store.

Since no two small businesses are identical, it is important to take the time to understand that your business brand identity is much more than a simple logo. Your brand identity design must satisfy the unique branding needs of your business. Contact me today and let me help you develop a brand identity strategy that will help you get from where you are to where you want to go.

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