TN Business Web Design: How Much Web Copy is Enough?

How much web content does business website need?
How much web content does a business website need?

Small business owners who are planning a TN business web design project seem to always ask me this question. I have not yet been able to come up with a definitive answer, because there really isn’t one. Let’s take a look at some critical aspects of website design and see if we can come up with a reasonable answer to the question – How much web copy is enough in business web design?

Business website design must be designed for the visitors

Too many small business owners and web designers make the mistake of writing web copy for search engines. The homepage of your business website must accomplish two things:

  1. It must represent your website to major search engines.
  2. It must capture your target audience’s attention long enough to convince them to take action.

Web pages with a mess of keywords and useless links with no reasonable user content are outdated techniques that won’t attract search engines or new customers.

Your business website must add personality to your business

You certainly can make an impression through social media, but your business website is the only true online property you have that you maintain complete control over. Compare your website to a tour guide. What must your visitors see before they leave and why should they come back? You must always write sufficient web content in a voice that conveys your brand’s true personality.

Web Design by Ken supports domestic violence education.

Your web design must tell people who you are

Your business website design must include sufficient web copy to be open and transparent about your company and adequately convey the core strengths and qualities of your business. People are responding more to a direct business to customer relationship than ever before. By showing the human side of your business, you have the ability to connect on a different level.

Your business website design must tell people what you do

Storytelling is just as important in web design as it is in writing a good blog post. A good story about what you do is much more inviting than a bullet list. A brief, but concise, overview of your products or services will let your visitors know how your services can be beneficial to them. How you present this information can be as vital as the data itself.

Your web design must tell people what you want them to do

If you want a visitor to sign up for your company newsletter, you must tell them why and what’s in it for them. If you want them to connect with you on social media, you must tell them what they have to gain by doing so.

Walking Lifes Road by Ken Bradford.

So, that WordPress plugin you just installed tells you that you don’t have enough “text” on the page, but how does it know? Don’t worry too much about word count as long as your web content is original and informative.

I think a reasonable answer to the question “How much web copy is enough” is – you must have sufficient web copy in your business web design to satisfy the specific needs of your target audience. When you are satisfied that you have accomplished that goal – stop writing web copy.

If you are considering a business website design project and think you might need some help, please get in touch. I can help you make the right connections with the right people and that’s just good for business.

So, Who’s Ken Bradford?

Ken Bradford, Clarksville TN professional website designer

Ken is a highly skilled business website designer from Clarksville TN. He has provided website design services, logo design services and other brand identity design for over 15 years. He is proficient in web design for nonprofits, web design for service industry, and web design for small businesses and individuals.
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