5 Ways Business Websites for Landscaping or Lawn Care Can Grow Your Bottom Line

Web design for landscaping business.

Your landscaping or lawn care business is fighting for the limited attention of your prospects and customers. People no longer want to be sold; they want to buy. They buy from businesses they think they can trust. The best way to establish trust and credibility in the eyes of the consumer is through an attractive and informative business website. Let’s look at 5 ways business websites for landscaping or lawn care companies can grow the bottom line.

Your Business Website Can Keep Your Doors Open 24/7

Let’s suppose the conversation around the supper table turns to getting some work done on the lawn. Where do you think that most people will look first? That’s right, Google.

A well designed business website targeted to potential customers in your area will allow all the information about your company to be available at any time – day or night. You may not get the job, but without a website, you won’t even be considered for the project.

Your Business Website Makes You Available All The Time

Even the most basic landscaping or lawn care website will help customers find you in the online world. Your business address, phone number, and email address will always be there. Your website will list your services and provide information to persuade customers that you have the right service and product for them.

Your Business Website Can Make The Right Connections

One of the best ways to promote business websites for landscaping or lawn care companies is by linking the sites to other relevant websites. Think about that for a minute. How many home builders, plumbing or electrical contractors, painters or other home service businesses do you have in your immediate area? Many of these businesses will have a website and by exchanging website links, you can help build trust and credibility for all businesses involved. It’s kind of like hanging your business card in every home service business in town.

The Online Experience Has Become More Visually Oriented

Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are gaining in popularity in the world of social media.This should be exciting news for landscaping and lawn care companies. What homeowner doesn’t like to see pictures of a beautifully landscaped yard? Taking pictures of completed projects and posting them on your website and in social media sites will go a long way in promoting your business.

Your Landscaping or Lawn Care Website Can Actually Generate Leads

If you use fliers, radio advertising, or direct mail to solicit new business, you are using “outbound marketing”. You are hoping that some of the prospects will respond. “Inbound marketing” allows a potential customer to come to you. Your business website will get the attention of prospective customers and by publishing website content of value, they’ll want to do business with you. Think about it as an automatic, non-stop prospecting system.

Many landscaping or lawn care companies don’t even have a business website and they are missing out on the most cost effective form of advertising available today. Traditional advertising is very expensive and really just doesn’t work well anymore. The cost of a professionally designed business website is very minimal when compared to the work it does in getting the word out about your business and by showing people that you take pride in what you do.

If you own or are planning to open a landscaping or lawn care business, I would like to help you design a business website that will make the right connections with your current and prospective customers.

Please take a look at my web design services and custom graphic design. If you have any questions please get in touch.

So, Who’s Ken Bradford?

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