Sitemaps Help Search Engines by Creating Better User Experience

Sitemaps give a better user experience to web design.
Sitemaps are an important element of website design.

According to Google, sitemaps can tell them about pages on your business website or blog they might not otherwise discover. That in itself would seem to be a good enough reason to have one, but let’s look at some ways sitemaps aren’t just for search engines – they are also good for users.

Exactly What Are Sitemaps?

The simple answer is that sitemaps act as road maps or tables of content to be used by search engines and web users. They can be written in HTML or XML (Extensible Markup Language) format. Major search engines use these tables of content to better find and index pages on blogs and websites. Google prefers the XML format, but also crawls HTML sitemaps to better understand the site and determine page rank.

Should You Use An HTML or XML Sitemap?

The correct answer is – both. According to Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, both types are important. Mr Cutts goes on to say that if he could choose only one, he would go with the HTML sitemap. The XML format is only useful to certain search engines and is not seen by the user, unless they intentionally search for it.

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The HTML sitemap is actually a page within your website or blog that is easily accessible to both search engines and users.

Sitemaps Provide A Better User Experience

Can your visitors find every page of your blog or website from a single page? With a simple HTML sitemap they can. Most of your visitors will be looking for very specific information and they will not take the time to click all around your site in an effort to find what they need. By placing a convenient link to your sitemap, your visitors can quickly find the required information and get to it very quickly. It is an all-in-one site navigation tool.

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There are many SEO tips to help optimize a website or blog. The importance of a well structured sitemap is one that is often overlooked. These maps of your site improve search engine communication and make site navigation so much easier for everyone.

My goal is to not only make business web design attractive to your visitors but also to search engine traffic. Contact me today to learn how to get your website on the front page of the search.

So, Who’s Ken Bradford?

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