Characteristics of an Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing techniques must conform to consumers' buying habits.
Inbound marketing strategy must match customers’ buying habits.

An effective inbound marketing strategy is necessary to conform to consumers’ changing buying habits. People no longer have to wait for you to send them information. They now have Google to find whatever information they need or products they want to buy.

An inbound marketing strategy can utilize many forms to create brand awareness, but all of them have important building blocks or characteristics for it to be successful in attracting new business.

Inbound marketing is permission-based marketing

Inbound marketing must be centered on earning the attention of new customers, as compared to outbound marketing, where you attempt to find them. By providing useful information and answering important questions in blogs and websites, potential customers often give you permission to send them a newsletter or other information that could help them make an important buying decision.

To establish trust and credibility in your brand, all web content must be honest and transparent. Permission-based marketing will not only increase sales, it will steadily increase word-of-mouth referrals.

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Effective inbound marketing begins with quality content

Many businesses use Google Adwords to attract attention in the search, but since the majority of these ads are ignored, the most effective way to improve search results is through quality web content. A business website can be an effective inbound marketing tool, but one problem with a website is that it may not always provide content that is fresh and relevant.

A well designed business blog can not only improve search rankings for your website, it allows you to consistently furnish fresh content that answers consumer questions and provides useful information. Your content must be properly optimized for search engines and it must either inform, educate, or entertain your target audience.

Once content is created you must drive traffic to it

Once you have created quality content about topics that interest your current and potential customers, you must make it readily available. By posting blog articles in all of your social networks, you can draw your audience in. It is important to understand that people don’t care about a strong sales pitch for your products, they want information that helps them. When your visitors leave comments, they spread the word to other readers that will broaden your reach.

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For your inbound marketing strategy to be effective, you must place the interests of your audience above the interests of your business. In other words, don’t let your content deliver the message that all you care about is selling something. A strong sales stance to promote your products or services will be annoying and you will rapidly lose your audience.

My goal is to help make your website or blog more user friendly and attractive to search engine traffic. Contact me today to see how I can help your company develop an inbound marketing strategy that works.

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