Web Design Tips: Using Color in Web Design

Color in web design can impact the site's popularity.
Color in web design can impact brand identity and business personality.

In a study called “Impact of Color on Marketing”, researchers found that people make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with people or products. This study further revealed that up to 90 percent of these decisions are based on color alone.

Let’s explore some web design tips that show how using color in web design can be important.

Color in web design may be perceived differently

There is a lot of discussion about the psychology of color as it relates to consumer persuasion. There have been numerous attempts to classify consumer responses to different colors, which include:

  • Blue – The exact shade of blue used in website design will impact how your site is perceived. Dark blues show strength and reliability and are excellent for corporate sites. Bright blues can be refreshing and reflect energy. Light blues reflect a relaxed and calm feeling.
  • Green – Green is a reserved down-to-earth color. It is a very stable color to reflect stability and growth. Darker shades are good to appeal to an affluent audience. Brighter shades of green reflect more energy. Olive green colors are great for sites related to nature.
  • Red – Traditionally, the color red reflects warning or danger. It can be used effectively as an accent color to show power or passion. This color can become overwhelming if it is used too much in your website design.

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Using very strong colors in web design will drive your older visitors away. Younger visitors may be attracted to more fashionable colors, at least temporarily. Using color in web design must take into account your site’s readability. It must be designed to be user-friendly by young visitors, older visitors, and the visually impaired.

Using color in web design can influence the perception of brand personality

An excellent example of color branding is John Deere. Even though John Deere chose to use the colors yellow and green, no one seems to know why. It really doesn’t matter why because it worked and is now the nationally recognized brand colors. Do you think it would cause some confusion if John Deere suddenly changed their colors to blue and purple?

Graphic design for Music City Tees.

The colors used in your web design should show your business personality and make you stand out above your competitors. If your strongest competitor is using primarily blue, then you should use purple or some other color.

Colors used in web design shouldn’t conflict with brand identity

According to Coca-Cola Journey, 94 percent of the world’s population recognize the red and white logo. Did you know that the first Coke logo wasn’t red and white? It was black. The colors weren’t changed until 1958 and rumor has it that it had something to do with Santa Claus.

Certain colors seem to work well with specific types of businesses. Cool colors, like blues and greens, seem to reflect a more relaxed attitude and work well with outdoor products, medical services, and other sites with intellectual content. Warm colors are great for cafes, restaurants, or other food sites. If you are designing a restaurant website don’t use blue, because it is a natural appetite suppressant.

We all have color favorites, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these are the ones to choose in your efforts to design an effective business website. Color harmony is critical. You should choose up to four colors, including black and white, and use them effectively. Too many colors or the wrong colors will only create confusion and distract your visitors.

I understand the importance of using color in web design. My small business website design service offers user-friendly business websites that are visually appealing. Contact me today and I will design a website that attracts consumers and generates new business.

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