Importance of Brand Identity When Building a Customer Base

Brand identity is web design first impression.

Even though everything is more convenient today than ever, people seem to have less time to do the things that need doing. As a result, it is often the outward visual brand identity that catches the eyes of consumers. Many times people form perceptions about a company before they even know who it is or what they do.

It is essential that your visual presence differentiate your brand effectively. In order for your brand’s identity to present a true individualized personality, it must be well-defined, consistent, and centered around creating an emotional connection with your target audience.

Let’s explore some of the critical elements of brand identity when building a customer base.

Visual brand identity is a small component that produces the first impression

Even though your visual brand identity is only a small component of your overall brand, it is the first image formed in the minds of potential customers. The first impression visitors form of your business website or the first article they read on your blog will determine their potential interest in what you do.

All the brand identity elements must follow a consistent visual style throughout. Of course, there are exceptions for individual marketing campaigns, but the overall brand appearance should always be uniform. This is why visual style guides are very important.

You may want to consider updating your brand’s visual identity if your brand looks outdated or you are:

  • starting a new company
  • launching a new marketing campaign
  • considering a company name change

When consumers understand what to expect from your brand, and hear it multiple times, they begin to feel they can trust your business. It shows that you take your business seriously.

Brand’s appearance is critical for differentiation

Small businesses must always compete with all other brands who are also trying to get the consumers’ attention. It is not enough just to say you are different, you must demonstrate and communicate your difference, making it easy for customers to understand that difference.

You must write all web content from the consumer’s point of view and your blog and website must answer important questions and solve important problems. Your brand must stand for something. A symbol or logo is the fastest form of communication between a company and the consumer. When you see the Coca-Cola or Starbuck’s logo, you immediately know who they are and what they do.

Consistent visual brand identity builds trust

Your business should have an identify style guide with instructions for implementing your visual identity on a consistent basis. All online and traditional marketing materials must use the same colors, imagery, typography and composition unique to your brand in order to create a consistent look and advance your brand strategy.

A well-recognized and trusted brand appearance and identity promotes the idea that your business is honest and dependable. Developing a strong brand image creates brand advocates who bring in new business by spreading the word through word of mouth referrals.

Your brand’s appearance and identity require a high degree of professionalism from start to finish. A strong brand image is one of your most powerful assets. In fact, your brand’s image is as important as the products or services you offer. Successful businesses work very hard in building a brand appearance that is clear and consistent.

I take the time to understand the unique branding needs of your business, because no two businesses are exactly alike. Contact me today and let me help you develop a brand identity strategy that will help you get from where you are to where you want to go.

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