TN Web Design: Writing Effective Web Copy

Effective web copy makes the right connections.
Great web design must have effective web copy.

Writing effective web copy can be difficult and even frustrating at times. As you stare at the cursor on a blank screen, you may be trying to figure out just what type of content will catch readers’ attention and keep them interested in your website. The real secret to writing compelling web copy is to write for your ideal reader. Once you understand some simple characteristics of quality web copy, it becomes clear what you should write and how you should write it.

Write for audience first, search engines last

It’s impossible to write compelling web copy without understanding the needs of your target audience. People read web copy differently than they read printed materials, like magazines or newspapers. Your online audience will “scan” for information. This is where eye-catching titles and sub-headings become important to your online visibility.

Your audience is searching for information to answer a question or to solve a problem. Your web copy should give them the feeling of learning something new.

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Obviously, you must understand some SEO basics in order for your website to be recognized by search engines and be readily available to your target audience. If you use the keywords your audience uses, you will help them have a better understanding and help optimize for search engines at the same time.

Keep web design and web copy simple

Many web content writers seem to feel that great copywriting involves a very complicated vocabulary and lots of words. The best way to write effective web copy is just to keep things short and simple.

Just as excessive clutter in web design can be frustrating, so can the temptation to over-communicate your message. Being too wordy can make it difficult for your audience to zero in on the information they really want.

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If you don’t normally speak like a college English professor, then there is no need to make your web copy sound like one. People want to find useful information they can easily understand and digest. Understanding the basics of effective web design will go a long way in creating an enjoyable experience for your audience.

Effective web copy tells a story

The best way to easily engage any audience is to tell them a story. You want all visitors to feel good about visiting your website. You must choose a story that is relevant to your message. Good stories can move people to action.

Effective web copy ends with an appropriate call-to-action

Don’t just leave your visitors hanging over the cliff. What do you want them to do next? If you want them to sign up for a newsletter or to share your article in social media, ask them to do it. If there is no appropriate call-to-action, what was really the point of your web copy?

Creating web copy that gets attention and helps your business grow takes creativity. Effective web copy must elicit emotions and engage readers on a personal level. Great copy takes time to produce and even longer to master.

I have been writing quality web copy for over a decade. My goal is to make your website more visible while keeping web design affordable. Get in touch today and I’ll get to work helping your business grow.

So, Who’s Ken Bradford?

Ken Bradford, Clarksville TN professional website designer

Ken is a highly skilled business website designer from Clarksville TN. He has provided website design services, logo design services and other brand identity design for over 15 years. He is proficient in web design for nonprofits, web design for service industry, and web design for small businesses and individuals.
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