Church Web Design with Church Blog

Church web design can have greater reach with a church blog.
Church web design can do more with a church blog.

If your church web design doesn’t incorporate a church blog you’re limiting your ability to grow in the community and missing out on the opportunity to spread your message worldwide. Let’s look at some ways church blogs create better informed communities and make better connections.

Why are church blogs important?

  • Blogging is more than a regular church service

Let’s face it, when people think of church, they immediately think about a morning or afternoon sermon. Even though some church leaders seek congregation participation, many do not. In a lot of church services, the congregation just sits there and listens. Even though preaching is necessary, there’s no room for interaction or discussion. A church blog allows people to interact with comments and questions. It’s an open and honest form of communication within the church.

  • A blog can introduce your church

When people consider attending a church service they often have a lot of questions on their minds. Will I be welcomed? What’s the preacher like? Do they have a children’s ministry? All of these questions can be answered in your church blog.

  • A blog can deliver your message in a more relaxed and social way

People receive the message of Christ in different manners. Some like the very direct approach, others do not. A blog allows you to interact with people in a conversational tone with information that can easily be read and understood. Your message will not only be there for your congregation and community, but for anyone who visits your blog from any place in the world.

What can your church blog about?

The goal of your church blog should be to build community and develop connections. If you have a church bulletin don’t repeat yourself by posting the same information on your blog. The are many things you can blog about including:

  • Stories from church functions
  • Deeper meaning of Sunday’s sermon
  • Testimonies
  • Helpful marriage tips
  • Helpful parenting tips
  • Making church exciting for kids
  • Bible stories
  • Special recognition of a church member
  • Why morality is important
  • Youth ministry topics

How to get started with a church blog

There are a couple of ways you can start your church blog:

  1. There are free blog providers like Blogger or WordPress where you simply create a profile, grab a template, and you’re up and running. One of the drawbacks to this method is that your web address will probably be long and complicated. It may be difficult to publish your blog address in your bulletin or remember the address to tell someone how to get there.
  2. You can purchase a domain name from a web hosting service. This method will give you more design freedom and control over your blog. You get the blog name you want (depending on availability) and you can customize your blog to meet your needs. There are many hosting providers out there, but integrates nicely with WordPress.

Keeping your church blog filled with quality content

Many church leaders have failed to recognize the importance of an Internet presence beyond a church website. Others feel that developing and maintaining a church blog would be out of their reach financially. A blog is an important tool to connect with people in a way that is totally conversational and social.

If you need some help and guidance with church web design or starting your church blog, please get in touch. My pricing structure is designed to make my services affordable for all churches, whether large, medium, or small.

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